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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
Yeah, so I forgot to save a couple of messages. The >:o at 2:09 on the 31st is supposed to be lots of angry faces and the "screwed (again)" is supposed to look like one of my buddy icons...


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The 30th Day of March, 2003

3:13 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "[insert question here]"  Then that voice in my head says, "[insert reply, preferably sarcastic, here]"

Current Buddy Icon:  Sasha!
Current Wallpaper:  Kirsten!
Current Obsession:  Movies
In Bed at:  3:13 AM
Alarm set for:  Insatiable (Darren Hayes), 9:43 AM
Most Concerned with:  Statistics test on Monday
Last Show glowing on TV:  Jett Jackson


3:02 PM
Shower then statimystical catch up (gotta do an online quiz and the test is tomorrow, woohoo...)

Con Air is quite a good movie, in terms of action.  The main leader bad guy, Cyrus, is killed at the end of the movie, and the writers/directors obviously wanted his death to be as awful as possible:  Hand cuffed to raised ladder of fire truck, colliding with an overpass, flying through windows and landing in an iron machine where a big metal thing crushes his head.  Sweet...

4:15 PM
Banging my head on the wall because I can't watch my statistics class ("Server has reached its capacity and can serve no more streams. Please try again later.").

Subswell... Guess I'll go verb some nouns... Dial my phalanges...

5:33 PM
 So not only does RealOne Player hate me, but so does WinMX...  For some reason I thought of those tiny cars in which like, a dozen clowns come out of... my thinking process was (I think):

"I'm out 'like a bug in a rug'?  Is that a familiar saying?  Maybe I should write that in my Away Message... Hmm... VW Beetle is a 'Bug.'  Small car too.  Lots of clowns come out of small cars..."

 Dial my phalanges and I'll sing or talk or (if I'm in a talkative mood) say "uh huh... uh huh... yeah... uh huh... uh huh... hmm... uh huh..."

7:37 PM
 You really wanna know what I'm doing?  I'm
urinating  (in a toilet no less)...

8:45-ish PM

8:56 PM
Blah blah, stats class, blah blah blah, blah blah, etc... Reply soon, and so forth... Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes a bolt...

 11:46 PM
You really wanna know what I'm doing?  I'm
urinating (in a toilet no less)...

The 31st Day of March, 2003

2:54 AM

(although it was like my usual “sleeping” away message)

9:22 AM
Taking a nice shower...

 It's below 50 degrees!!!  Long sleeve shirt time!!!

 Of course, I'm in a debate of whether I should wear khaki pants with sneakers or just stick with shorts...

9:57 AM
Astronominy of sorts... Be back around noon to study bunches of sorts... 

Hmm, Honey Bunches of Sorts could be a good cereal...

1:42 PM
Stats lectures online, stats quiz online, then study study study... All while wanting pizza, but holding off in case my sister visits (so she can pay for the food, hehhehheh...)... Feel free to leave messages, money, or Cameron...I'll reply soon...

Speaking of pizza, there's all these good pizza deals going around at a few different places, but I also wanna make my own pizza... too bad I don't have a mixer, but I guess I don't need one... I need to use the leftover procuitto somehow... hmm...

2:09 PM
>:o >:o>:o >:o>:o >:o>:o >:o>:o >:o>:o

So I pause my online lecture to take the quiz (got 9.33/10 on it, still got 2 more tries--go me!).  It takes me... 6 minutes and 44 seconds to do the quiz, and when I push the play button, I'm greeted ever so happily by a message saying that the server has reached full capacity, AKA:        



I'm out to get water, then back to ace my quiz, study, chorus, then study, then ace my test, then maybe B for C again or basketball... No school tomorrow or Thursday... maybe IoA days... Dial phalanges...

4:51 PM
Glee Club, probably until 7 PM... Then rush back for a half hour of cramming, then test time...

7:49 PM
Statimystical test... UGH... Brain is hurting...

11:33 PM
As in the words of the great Leonardo:

 "It's pizza time!"