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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
Had a variety of away messages back home, but on my other screenname, so I didn't save them.  Final Four action resulted in victories for UConn and 'Cuse, teams in the Big East (the conference that my Hurricanes play in)


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The 5th Day of April, 2003 

(Away Message still up from yesterday)

Off to home (with a stop at Islands of Adventure just for kicks!).

I'll be trying to keep JGW977's online time going (it's all an ego thing :-P), so look for me on my screenname SingingJohnny or JayGeeDoubleU977.  Peace outs;  see some of y'alls soon!

The 6th Day of April, 2003

Around 10:30 PM

Back in Gainesville, constructing a new website of sorts.  Probably won't be up until tomorrow...

Feel free to IM me (I've got a juicy story to tell!);  I'll reply soon, unless I go totally whack because of the constant itching of the feets known as mine... ugh...

11:10 PM

UCONN's women's basketball (my, and most other peoples' pick to win it all) is losing!!!  Eeks!

11:25 PM

11:35 PM
8.2 seconds left. UCONN up by 2...

11:37 PM
WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! UCONN won (keeping my bracket slightly alive!)!!!



The 7th Day of April, 2003

3:46 AM, first part lost...

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Current Obsession:  Sleeping
In Bed at:  3:46 AM
Alarm set for:  Only Time Remix (Enya) 8:15 AM


8:41 AM
Morning stuffs... Be back in a bit...

9:58 AM
Astronominy of sorts... Be back around noon...

A commercial for Enbrel (a medicine) has really cool music--reminds me of A Beautiful Mind...

12:14 PM
Figuring out Sunfest stuffs (mainly what bands sound good so I can decide if I should just go one day or get a 5 day pass)... I'll reply soon; leave a juicy message and/or filet mignon*...


2:13 PM
Looking through a BB&B sales paper thing I got in the mail to see if there's anything I can get for my apt. next fall...

3:18 PM
Playing a game at while listening to The Ataris ("In This Diary"... know any of other songs by them that's good?)...

3:44 PM
You really wanna know what I'm doing? I'm
urinating (in a toilet no less)...

4:46 PM
Off to glee club! Be back around 7 PM to take my stats quiz...

Here's to us singing in tune today...

Concert is April 9th at around 7 or 8 PM at the University Auditorium. LOTS of singing, yo!

Music out the door: The Anthem (Good Charlotte) and Soak Up the Sun (Sheryl Crow)

10:28 PM
Half time means rush for food!

Syracuse: I hate them when they play Miami, but love them when they be representin' da Big East!