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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
I went into a John Mayer sort of mood, followed by my weekly does of Survivor.  And now I feel dumb because I don't think Heidi has braces (or the clear ones).  I thought that after seeing her through the night vision camera and the glare off her teeth made it look like braces... bah...

More Messages


The 10th Day of April, 2003 

1:45 AM
If in the future, I become mayor of a place, I could be called Mayor John, kinda like John Mayer...

I'm off to bed; my usual sleep away message ("lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself," "current icon," etc. will return tomorrow)...

Here's the third quote I used for my away messages in the past day (as almost always, no relation to my feelings:-)):

One more thing
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But it's all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked
I just wanna be funny

Oh I'm never speaking up again
Starting now

12:05 PM
Taking a nice shower... Ya know, I wonder how many people died in the Power Rangers when those giant monsters and mega-zords fought and knocked over all those buildings a la Godzilla...

1:20 PM
Statimystical lab class... Back in a couple of hours, unless I decide to go on a kidnapping spree...

Music out the Door: Mr. Mayer

3:04 PM
Holla holla holla and a yo yo yo! J-Mac in da house! Gone t' hoop it up and da SWR, yo. Gals, dial my phalanGES if ya wanna hook it up wit yours truly. I's be back soon, dawg. Yo yo yo, peace out, y'alls!

(Translation for those who don't read Johnnonian: Playing basketball. Call my cell phone.)

6:04 PM
Rachael "Mmmm, ooh yeah" Ray is cookin' it up... I'll reply sometime soon...

8:20 PM
Survivor (Christy!) and then CSI (Jorja!)...

Think I'll sing some John Mayer during commercials... I wonder if there's guitar or piano sheet music for his songs (although it'd take several hours a day for several months to get only half of his mad skills...)

Bill Simmons of's Page 2:
8:42 -- John Mayer has the Sports Gal and Veronica in a trance. I wish I could come back in my next life as a sensitive guitarist who makes weird facial expressions -- the world would be my oyster. Don't you just hate these guys? They're like those guys who can randomly sit down and play the piano at any bar -- you just can't compete with them under any circumstances.

8:37 PM
I think Heidi has braces... if fact, I'm almost positive that she does...

Mmm, Christy...

8:47 PM
"Her knee is swelling up to the size of her chest."--Annoying guy on Survivor refrerring to Heidi (AKA: Silicon Wonder) and her bug/spider bite...

Sequals to catch: Matrix, Charlie's Angels, Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde, perhaps X-Men...

9:00 PM
WOOHOO!!! That annoying Deena lady is gone!!! Time to celebrate with crackers and pistachios!

9:03 PM
Whooooooooooooooooo are... you-ooh you-ooh... Whooooooooooooooooooo are... you-ooh you-ooh (I really wanna know)...

CSI time... I'll reply soon; leave something juicy (like a filet mignon, cooked medium well... mmm...).

11:22 PM
Watching them lovely Simpsons... Then perhaps some more John Mayer... be back in a bit...


The 11th Day of April, 2003

12:56 AM
Real fast shower, and then Good Eats (with Alton Brown)... Be back in a few...

2:52 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Is the weekend here yet? This has been ne of the longest school weeks ever!" Then that voice in my head says, "11:30 AM is almost here... But hey, it's not like you have plans for the weekend, other than calling for football tickets all day/night."

Current Buddy Icon: Gizmo
Current Wallpaper: Kirsten
Current Obsession: Mr. Mayer's music
In Bed at: 2:52 AM
Alarm set for: Get Over It (OK Go), 8:28 AM


9:15 AM
Breakfast while watching Dawson's Creek. Then shower...

10:02 AM
[Lost the message... basically gone to class followed by John Mayer lyric]

1:01 PM
Singing John Mayer, then off to get/make/find lunch...

Football tickets on sale in about 27 hours... Maybe everyone can call the toll free number to try to get me season tickets (or Miami tickets would be better); I'll be your semi-good friend--the kind that makes weird comments but you accept because I'm me...

2:39 PM
Rachael "Mmm" Ray... then off to the bank and probably Best Buy, maybe the mall... Ooh, maybe a movie--haven't been to a matinee is a long time...

3:28 PM
Rushing to the bank before it closes... Dial my phalanges...


5:55 PM
Making guacamole... Think I spelled that correctly... Maybe Ferrum Cooks tonight, or maybe Bowling for Columbine again... Be back in bits...

6:42 PM
Duh, I should've used this away message:

Ferrum Cook Johnny is busy cookin'...

Tonight's secret ingredient is...

Oh well... I made some really really very very yummy yummy guacamole. I even had my own "garbage bowl" like Rachael "Mmm" Ray! I needed a pepper grinder though; left mine at home and didn't have pre-ground pepper...