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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
And so on the 13th, I put this site up on the web (had been building it, on and off, on Front Page for a week or so).  I keep finding little mistakes on the pages, and I think in a few months I'll run out of space on my Tripod account... probably gonna have to get rid of the colors and pictures, or maybe sign up under a different username...


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The 12th Day of April, 2003 

1:24 AM
You really wanna know what I'm doing? I'm urinating :-D (in a toilet no less)...

3:15 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Will I get season football tickets?" Then that voice in my head says, "[shakes head in pity]"

Current Buddy Icon: Missing Puppy
Current Wallpaper: Matrix Reloaded, Trinity
Current Obsession: No Comment
In Bed at: 3:15 AM
Alarm set for: Your Body is a Wonderland (John Mayer), 9:25 AM


10:45 AM
Ninja Turtles!!!

11:38 AM
Rachael "Mmmmmm" Ray. I'll reply soon, unless I hitchhike to Canada, in which case leave it at the doorstep, take the money, and git t' heck offa my lawn...

Only... four and a half hours until football tickets go on sale. I need some of them...

2:00 PM
Getting ready to get foods and stuff, and then time to order football season tickets. Might not be back until 11:30 PM unless I somehow manage to get through the phone lines sooner... Dial my phalanges, and I might pick up...

6:47 PM
Semi-sorta-kinda-not-really doing cart wheels because I got season tickets! Woohoo! Of course, it's all meaningless if I can't get Miami/UF tickets, so maybe I'll get Miami season tickets and sell all my tickets except for that game. I could however take a chance and hope to get the Miami/UF tickets when they go on sale in a couple of weeks... hmm... I'll reply soon...

8:53 PM
Trying to decide if I should see Phone Booth, The Pianist, or just stay home and watch Ferrum Cooks...

I've seen The Pianist before, but Phone Booth came out last week and would likely be crowded (maybe 10-12 people when I saw The Pianist a few weeks ago...). Maybe I'll just get a pizza and stay home...

Oh, apologies to the 2nd voice for my disappearance...

Music to rock/think to: It's Time to Party (Andrew W.K.)

9:04 PM
Mr. W.K. has changed my plans for now... Gonna shake it to some music here in my room. (and no watching me get Chinese-Irish-Jiggy wit it... well, unless it "pushes your buttons in the right places.";-) Oh, and only if you're a girl...:-P)

Music from:
It's Time to Party (W.K.)
Everyday (Bon Jovi)
The Anthem (GC)
All the Things She Said (Tatu)
In This Diary (Ataris)
Get Over It (OK Go)
Party Hard (W.K.)
It's My Life Bon Jovi), Spin (Lifehouse)
We're in Heaven (DJ Sammy mix)
In the Middle (Johnny Consumes Earth)
There Goes My Hero (Foo Fighters)

9:50 PM
In the words of the great Leonardo (who was on TV this morning... got some special sword from what he thought was an enemy, but turns out they're gonna work against the real bad guys... hmm...):

"It's pizza time!"

The 13th Day of April, 2003

12:59 AM
Watching Mena take it off (or rather, Mr. Spacey undresses her...)... Be back in a few...

3:15 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Is school done yet? I wanna go see Mr. Mayer already..." Then that voice in my head says, "Only a couple more weeks to go. Watch Tiger Woods tomorrow..."

Current Buddy Icon: Ferrum Cooks
Current Wallpaper: Matrix Reloaded's Trinity
Current Obsession: Someone... heh heh...
In Bed at: 3:14 AM
Alarm set for: It's Time to Party (Andrew W.K.), 10:02 AM


12:30 PM
[insert random and/or creative away message here]

5:45 PM
Having an orgy in the shower... Dial my phalanges if you want to join (females only)...

8:52 PM
Food stuffs... hope it's still cool outside... Go read some of my past away messages (only a couple of days are up... The others will be up later...)