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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
Summer is almost here, and I just can't wait.  I do have two pretty important exams to take still (I'm at A-minus and B-plus for the two classes with exams), but it's hard not to think of summer.  I'll study more than usual, but I won't stress out about it.  Anyway, as I write this, there are 100 minutes of regular class time left, 2 exams, and 10 days until I'm free...


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The 16th Day of April, 2003

1:18 AM
Taking a quick nice shower... Be back in bits...

I need to figure out a new time to play basketball--I keep missing Boy Meets World and I am so toPENga deprived...

3:00 AM
She says baby
It's 3 AM I must be lonely
When she says baby
Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it

3:44 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Chorus party or not?" Then that voice in my head says, "Decide tomorrow. Just make sure you wake up early enough so that even if rude people fill the bus so that you're left off, in a Charlie-esque situation, you'll still have time to walk to class."

Current Buddy Icon: Chuck and Snoopy
Current Wallpaper: Charles and Snoopy
Current Obsession: None... I don't think...
In Bed at: 3:44 AM
Alarm set for: Love Song for No One (Mr. Mayer), 8:23 AM


9:35 AM


10:07 AM

CLASS!!! ACK!  If the bus isn't there (or is filled), I'm running (well, walking fast) to class... All hope's for no Charlie Brown today...

12:49 PM

As in the words of the great Leonardo:

 "It's pizza time!"

2:49 PM
Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Rachael "Mmmmmmm" Ray is on!

After Rachael, it's time for a quick nap, then maybe economics lectures (only... 15 to watch by April 26th's exam)...

4:45 PM
Chorus party for an hour or two... I'll hopefully get someone's phalanges...

Music out the door: 83 (Mr. Mayer)

Andrew W.K. says...
It's time to party, Let's party
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party
Hey you, Lets party
Have a killer party and Party!

8:23 PM
Went to Best Buy after the party; darn peoples using my really really nice keyboard there. Grr... Oh well... I did, however, get Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, which I may watch tomorrow. Until then--as in right now--I'll sing/listen/chill/groove to Mr. Mayer and then watch my economics and statistics lectures...

Mmm, those Royal T girls on Star Search are pretty cute...

9:05 PM
Ack, forgot the Good Eats (with Alton Brown) is on... Later, Rachael "Mmm" Ray will be on, so my economics class watching (14 left to go) is on hold...  I'll reply sometime soon...

10:09 PM
Change of plans:  Watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (I'll catch Rachael "Mmm" Ray at 1AM).  I'd give you a quote from the movie, but chances are half the words would contain four letters, the first being an F, and would rhyme with "duck."
But to please your quote desires, here's a couple from Mr. Mayer:
I'm never speaking up again
It only hurts me
I'd rather be a mystery
Than she desert me
Oh I'm never speaking up again
Starting now
One more thing
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But it's all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked
I just wanna be funny
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire

The 17th Day of April, 2003

3:53 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Holy Mustard, Batman! Five classes left to attend and two exams is all that's left! Will I finish on a high note?" Then that voice in my head says, "Um, is G#, below middle C, a high note for you?"

Current Buddy Icon: >:|
Current Wallpaper: Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Current Obsession: Rachael "Mmm" Ray (she had some nice cleavage tonight...)

In Bed at: 3:53 AM
Alarm set for: One Headlight (Wallflowers), 9:43 AM


11:21 AM
Shower time...

and these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman


12:23 PM
Typing out some stuffs, then water, then Mr. Mayer... be back on a different SN perhaps...

Ack, gotta buy Sunfest tickets today...

1:15 PM
Final stats lab class! Woohoo! Be back by 3 PM (unless I hitchhike to Delaware with a stop in New Hampshire...)

Countdown of school: 11 days, 5 class periods, 2 exams.

4:51 PM
I don't know what I'm doing now... Maybe getting ready for basketball...

So FoodTV decides to mess things up and show Ferrum Cooks at 9 PM tonight, while CSI is on. I was thinking going to the Hippodrome to see a movie at 9 PM, too... Maybe I'll record CBS while watching the movie, then watch Ferrum Cooks at midnight...

While you're here reading, help me decide about Sunfest tickets.:-D

Check out Sunfest's website for more information on the event...

4:58 PM
Watching Boy Meets World (I think it's on) after figuring out if the person on Food TV is a guy or girl... Then I'll get ready for basketball, then a snack, then basketball... I'll reply soon; help me decide on Sunfest tickets...

6:00 PM
A reason why Mr. Mayer is so great/a god:
He can really sing them high notes.

Out to basketball (call my cell phone)...

Holla holla holla and a yo yo yo! J-Mac in da house! Gone t' hoop it up and da SWR or maybe Museum Road Arena*, yo. Gals, dial my phalanGES if ya wanna hook it up wit yours truly. I's be back soon, dawg. Yo yo yo, peace out, y'alls!