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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
Yeah, I fell a few days behind, but oh well.  On the 19th I went home because there were a bunch my roommate's friends over for the weekend and I didn't feel like staying.  The decision was spur-of-the-moment and I'm glad I went home--got to spend times with some friends.  I didn't come back until Tuesday night, hence why there are no away messages for a few of days...


More Messages


The 18th Day of April, 2003

4:18 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, ".....?" Then that voice in my head says, "........"

Current Buddy Icon: Screwed
Current Wallpaper: Charlie and Snoopy
Current Obsession: nothing
In Bed at: 4:18 AM
Alarm set for: Why Georgia (Mr. Mayer), 9:02 AM
Time until summer: 3 class periods, 2 exams, 10 days...


9:30 AM
Getting ready for class--breakfast of Vanilla Coke (not a coffee drinker) and then shower...

10:02 AM
Rushing to my car to hopefully find my student ID. Then rushing to class (especially if I end up having to walk)... Be back around noon to watch Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and then sleep...

12:15 PM
BRB--Throwing up... Just realized I've been eating moldy bread...

5:52 PM
You really wanna know what I'm doing? I'm urinating :-D(in a toilet no less)...

6:53 PM
Listening to Mr. Mayer while resting in bed... I may reply soon, if you're worth it... Be warned that if you wake me from a dream*, I'll reply in a grumpy mood...

*A dream I like... heh heh...:-D

7:14 PM
Strange how listening to Mr. Mayer makes me feel certain ways, but singing makes me back to normal... thus, it's time to sing my freakin' head off before basketball... Dial my phalanges, and if I hear it ring, I'll sing for you...

8:24 PM
Call if you need me. Probably out to basketball...

No way November will see our goodbye
When it comes to December it's obvious why
No one wants to be alone at Christmas time
And come January we're frozen inside
Making new resolutions a hundred times
February, won't you be my Valentine?

And we'll both be safe 'til St. Patrick's Day

Staying home alone on a Friday
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof
After all the crushes are faded
And all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here


The 19th Day of April, 2003

2:30 PM
In the shower thinking of female persons (wanna know who? Ask Isabelle... and ask Katherine about Ellen about Rochelle about Isabelle...)

6:30-ish PM--up until April 22
Being me, I'm not here, nor will be for a day or two... try IMing my SN "JMcptbackfire" or maybe "SingingJohnny" or "jaygeedoubleu977." Or actually, try my cell phone or something. I'm in a sing-songy mood now...

Have a Hoppy* Easter!

*thanks to Walt for the pun that he used a week early