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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
Yeah, the astronomy test was awful.  Really really awful.  Oh well.  On the 24th I went to Jacksonville for, among other reasons, band state festival.  Felt really dumb getting lost leaving there, making wrong turn after wrong turn.  It would've been easier to just drive back home to Satellite Beach... Sigh...


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The 23th Day of April, 2003

2:34 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Will I guess well on the astronomy test?" Then that voice in my head says, "Not a chance."

Current Buddy Icon: Charles and Snoopy
Current Wallpaper: Chuck and Snoopy
Current Obsession: Yeah, so um...
In Bed at: 2:32 AM
Alarm set for: Love Song for No One (Mr. Mayer), 8:39 AM


9:17 AM
Shower, then time to glance over astronomy notes (although, after my first glance--I honestly have no shot at doing well*...)

*F+ or better...

10:04 AM
Trying to guess well on my astronomy test (odds say I should get 6/24 by simply guessing--the curves have made an 11/24 a C- so I might have a shot of guessing my way to a passing grade...)

Today begins Operation: Study My Butt Off. Thus, you can call me Mac. James Mac. Agent Double O Eighty-Three: Lishence to Shill(y)* (new SN created as I speak...).

Be back maybe by noon...

*License to Sill(y)

12:35 PM
The name's Mac... James Mac...
Time for Operation: Study My Butt Off.

I'll reply sometime if my head hasn't exploded yet...

1:40 PM
Out to lunch and studying for statistics. Then back here for more economics class watching (only... 13 lecture to go, I think). Dial my phalanges and I'll probably sing some line from Mr. Mayer's songs...

The 24th Day of April, 2003

8:00-ish AM
On a long adventure. Try my cell phone.

5:49 PM
Resting while waiting for Rachael "Mmm" Ray. I may reply soon perhaps... Dial my phalanges if I don't...

8:57 PM
Banging my head on the wall because I can't find my jade Buddha necklace... Leave me positive vibes... be back in some moments...

9:07 PM
Dancing around with one sock and no shirt because I found my jade Buddha!!! WOOHOO!!!

Uh oh, I'm getting in a dancing mood... must... resist... putting on music... ah, forget it; I'm dancing my head off now... be back in a few...

10:53 PM

Wow, living stuffs in applesauce that I just ate... yummy... be back--trying to get it out of me...