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I kick butt!

Johnny's Away Messages
The astronomy test was awful.  Really really awful.  Oh well.  On the 24th I went to Jacksonville for, among other reasons, band state festival.  Felt really dumb getting lost leaving there, making wrong turn after wrong turn.  It would've been easier to just drive back home to Satellite Beach... Sigh...


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The 25th Day of April, 2003

3:07 AM
In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Will I do anything besides study and catch up on my economics class?" Then that voice in my head says, "Duuuude. Enjoy your Friday night--I'll leave your head for the weekend for partying. Buh byes!"

Current Buddy Icon: Me
Current Wallpaper: Charlie and Snoopy
Current Obsession: Sleep
In Bed at: 3:07 AM
Alarm set for: Great Indoors (Mr. Mayer), 9:35 AM


12:20 PM
Shower, then whole lotta sutdying...

3:36 PM
Lunch and studying like there's no tomorrow... Acutally, I wish there was no tomorrow so I wouldn't have to take the economics exam. Oh well...

Dial my phalanges--I'll probably enjoy the break... unless I don't... in which case, you better run to Canada or I'll unleash my... er... meaness on you... yeah... so there... Hey, I can be mean if I want to--quit making fun of me...

5:59 PM
Trying to order football tickets... be back soon...

7:49 PM
Statistics Exam review... how swelleriffic... Be back sometime after 9:30 maybe. My phalanges probably won't be available for a while, so leave juicy messages and/or filet mignons cooked medium-well...

Thanks for the UF@Miami ticket, yo!

9:13 PM
Yeah, so my review was at 8:30 AM... ugh... Now I'm watching my Orlandoooooooooooo Magic kick butt. Also watching some of my economics class lectures every now and then (only... 8 to go by tomorrow night...).

The 26th Day of April, 2003

In bed, lying awake, like Charlie Brown, asking myself, "Will I do well on the economics final exam?" Then that 2nd voice in my head says, "Partay like a rawk star, kik a lil arse!"

Current Buddy Icon: IoA or Busts
Current Wallpaper: Charlie and Snoopy
Current Obsession: Studying
In Bed at: 2:57 AM
Alarm set for: Why Georgia (Mr. Mayer), 5:22 AM (waking early to maybe get another football ticket)


6:42 AM
Either showering or finding food... Be back sometime later...

7:00 AM-ish
Wearing my tatoo and pierced baby face t-shirt as I search for food. Dial my phalangellies to talk--I may be busy the rest of the day (with studying and NFL Draft...).

8:16 AM
Back in bed... If this is up by 10:30 AM, do what you can to wake me up. I have to study bunches today!

Alarm Set for: Love Song for No One (Mr. Mayer) 9:17 AM

4:00-ish PM
Studying... a lot... a whole freakin' lot... bah..

5:17 PM
Banging my head on the wall because I'm so screwed... Be back in a few...

6:11 PM
So so so SO screwed...

7:05 AM
Doing what I have to do. Be back sometime after 9 PM. Peace outs.
j gw977: 7:05 AM

9:55 PM
Throwing up...