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The following is information on how to pick up entries.  Make sure you have read the Nintendo 64 Codes and Tips Contest Rules before participating.


Banner Ad Entries:

To receive 10 entries, click on the banner below and sign up with  Or you can enter your e-mail address in the box below.

 Then return to this page and Send a Entry.  You will have to send your e-mail address, and your member ID number to receive credit. Sign Up
Your e-mail address: (click only once)




Participation Entries at

a. is a web site in which they will send you e-mail ads with links in them. will pay you if you click a link.  In addition to earning money, if you click and successfully visit a link, you will receive 10 more entries.

b.  Tell a friend about this contest.  Have them visit Nintendo 64 Codes and Tips (  Have them come to this page and sign up with via the banner above.  If they state your e-mail address in their own entry, then you will also pick up 10 entries.


Answering Question of the Day

Every day, at approximately Midnight, Eastern Time, a new question will be asked.  It will be located on the main page of Nintendo 64 Codes and Tips (  It may ask questions regarding an ad, or a code for a Nintendo 64 game.  You can either click the link on the main page to answer the question, or Click Here to answer it.  If correct, you will receive 1 entry.


Random Drawings for Entries

If you send in at least one entry during the day, you will be automatically entered for a daily drawing to win 10 entries.  The winner will be selected at approximately Midnight, Eastern Time.  He or she will be notified by e-mail that they have won the entries.  You are entered in this drawing only if you sent in an entry on the day of the drawing.  In other words, sending an entry in a week ago will not count towards a drawing for today.


QUESTIONS?  Send an E-mail.

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