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Mix a fairly large cup of Diet Pepsi with a splash of Fruitworks Fruit Punch and you've got yourself that nasty "cherry" cough syrup flavor.  Enjoy!

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July. 22, 2003
Swell, a slight update with a couple of new additions (listed at the top).  Enjoy!

Phalanges:  My phone number (as in, "dial my phalanges").  Derives from... well, a phone number can be called digits, and digits is also a term for your fingers/toes.  Your fingers/toes are also known as phalanges.  Ta da!

Sergeant Toe's Poultry: The lovely Chinese food usually known as General Tso's Chicken (sometimes "Tso" is changed/altered)

The Tritones:  Another name for The Simpsons.  Listen to the opening music; the interval of the notes from "The" to "Simp" is a tri-tone.  Many a musicianship tests passed for All-State because of this...

Major 6th Station:  Another name for the TV station, NBC.  The interval from the note played on the "N" is a major sixth away from the next note played on the "B" (BTW: the "C" is a major third down from the "B")

Beachside Hurricanes:  The name of my fantasy football teams.

Ai-yah: "Oh gosh"--used when I'm in my Chinese mood.

Syllygisms:  The process in which I think.  I make odd (and/or no) connections from topic to topic and eventually reach a state of randomness that thus defines my thinking.

Ack: Often interpreted as a mistype, but that's hardly the case when said aloud.  Say it yourself.  Now say it with energy!  Feels good, doesn't it (nod your head or else)?

Econominical:  A fun way to say economical;  and hey, it adds a syllable, so it makes you sound smarter.

J-Mac:  My nickname I'll be known as when I sign the $512 Million contract in the NBA.

Narrow-Minded Party:  The Republican political party that's.... well... they're pretty awful, and of course, narrow-minded.

Ferrum Cooks:  What I call the show "Iron Chef."  No insult intended by the use of "cooks" instead of "chefs."

The Holy Trinity:  The three people of Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Kirsten Dunst... Piper Perabo is in line...

The Second Coming of the Holy Trinity:  The three people of the Olsen twins and Sasha Cohen...

Superior Purchases:  The great store of Best Buy

Circle Wiring Suburb:  The name for the not-so-good-store-(especially-compared-to-Best-Buy), Circuit City

Nubular:  Same as nuclear, but I like it better (thanks to a pal's inability to operate a keyboard for the word)