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Johnny: The Center of Everything

Random Thoughts
Why is Emeril wearing a black cowboy hat?

"Hmm, does this thing suck, or blow?  Suu-uuuuuck!"--Bart Simpson being sucked down an air vent.

Favorite Whatevers 







November 22, 2001

What has college life done to me?  In between going to classes, playing basketball, listening to the radio, and watching movies like Billy Eliot, I have succumbed to the peer pressure and decided to...

Make a personal homepage!

I can hear my parents now:

            "We're sending him to college to build homepages about himself?  He'll pay for this.  When he visits, he's not getting any home cooking like lasagna or chicken stir fry.  We'll get him pizza!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

So yeah, I'm making a homepage about myself, so I can feel more self-centered, which I guess is normal since I am the center of everything.  One time I parked at the end of the parking lot at Best Buy.  Suddenly *poof* everyone got in their cars and parked around my car until it was dead center.  People waved at me, vying for my approval, and even the ones that ended up parking in the middle of the road were waving at me after their car had been engulfed in flames.  It made me feel... good--nothing better than a toasty fire on a cold night...

Anyway, I guess there will be information such as my favorite whatevers and probably personal thoughts and quotes.  However, there will not be a "shout out" page as, quite frankly, nobody would really care if his or her name appeared on a web site that will barely register 100 hits by 2003 (half of which will be from me).  Sure, I'll mention (or make up) names of people I know, but only when it's like part of a quote of story or if they pay me money.

And now, explore the always strange, but somewhat swell world of Johnny: The Center of Everything...