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"Title of Blues Clues"

The Scoop
"Title of Blues Clues"

By Jonathan MacAllister

Written on July 13, 2001


"Perhaps the word propaganda will be brought up.  After all, it's a kid's show









*Yes, the whole "scoop" thing is filler for probably links to other parts of the web site, etc...*

As of now I'm not sure where I'm going with this...

But basically it involves a ramble of Blues Clues.  I'm not afraid to admit that  I've thought of this for a long time.   See, two characters on the show, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (or is it the other way around... I'll figure it out before I publish this, but anywho) had a baby, Paprika.  And that's something I can ramble on about:  Naming children after red things... But first I must tackle a bigger issue.  Perhaps the word propaganda will be brought up.  After all, it's a kid's show... 

Well, the featured couple have different last names.  I can take two approaches, now that we look at it:

   A)  The feministic Approach-- Women keeping their last names when marrying


   B)  The Wedlock Approach about not marrying when having a child.  Although this, in my opinion seems to be too serious a thing to write about as it would involve nothing more than mindless drivel about atheletes and I'd rather leave that up to those Sports Reporters guys on ESPN (ack... must... take mind off... of sports...).

Not that A) isn't serious.  Sure, I believe in equality among the sexes.  But... hmm...  Well, when it comes to feminism, I'm sure keeping their last name is not one of their main priorities.  If it is, then things must be pretty dang equal (or unequal to the other extreme with men making four bucks less per year than women who have the same job.  Gone would be the days of supersizing, biggie sizing, king sizing, and, the generic, upsizing).

(Please note that the (C) Divorce Approach wouldn't apply to the situation since, as every person who is a Certified Preferred Member of the Blues Clues Historic Society knows, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were named such long before Paprika came along.  So unless you can prove that pregnancies in pepper shakers last more than 2 years, there's really no support for that approach.  Although I'm sure I could find a way to prove it.  But proving it myself would prove myself wrong.  And hey,  I'm paid for being right...)

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