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A Message from Anne Hathaway




Hello, my name is Anne Hathaway, and I'm here to for a serious cause...

Every day, young females go to bed with the false idea that WIC/H/S.  However, in today's modern world, we must now join together and spread the word that WNC/H/S.  I wouldn't be here today if I didn't believe in this.

So please, friends, join me on June 13, 2005 as the people of the world join hands and sing songs promoting the truth that WNC/H/S.  Without your help, we may never have a better world for our children.


    This has been a paid advertisement for the WNC/H/S fund.  Anne Hathaway is in no affiliated with the fund, but she is quite attractive in the Princess Diaries with that dark, curly hair and glasses... Mmm, Anne....