Here's a description of where to find each character...

In Jungle Japes, use Donkey Kong and go to the mountain and shoot the three switches. Diddy's cage will open.

In Angry Aztec, use Donkey Kong. First, free the Llama from it's cage by completing DK's Barrel Blast. Later in the temple, you'll see the Llama again. Play DK's drums to turn the lava into water. Now you can swim across to reach Lanky.

In Angry Aztec, use Diddy and go into the temple and jump from one platform to another. Shoot the target across the room, and go to the bridge. Play Diddy's Guitar to melt the ice pond. Swim to Tiny's chamber and use Chimpy Charge to activate the letters and spell out KONG.

In Funky's Factory, use Lanky. Look for a pipe that comes out of the wall and into the ground. On top of it, there will be a switch. Stomp the switch and Chunky's cage will appear.

If you find two Banana Fairies, the DK Theater will open. Here, you can listen to the rap or go to the DK cinema.

If you find six Banana Fairies, the DK Bonus will be opened. You can play some minigames in the Rambi Arena and the Enguarde Arena.

If you find ten Banana Fairies, Bosses will open up. Now you can battle the huge bosses over and over again.

If you find fifteen Banana Fairies, Krusha Battle will open. Now you can control the Krusha in Battle Mode.

Once you find twenty Banana Fairies, the Cheats menu will open up.

In the level in K. Rool's ship, have Donkey Kong learn (from Cranky) the move of pulling a lever. Then go down the crates, take a left, and go up a wooden rope. Then follow the pipes to a room with a lever. You will see an arcade machine next to the lever. Pull the lever and the arcade machine will turn on. You are can play the original Donkey Kong.

To get the Nintendo Coin, play the original Donkey Kong game (see above) and ff you beat four levels with one life, you will get a golden banana. Beat it again you will get the Nintendo Coin

To get the Rareware Coin, score 5000 points in the arcade game, Jetpack

After you return all forty of Snide's blueprints, he will open a bonus menu where you can play the mini-games that you played before.

To refill your health, jump into the tag barrel and choose the same character as you were just using.


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