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Here are tricks for one of the most revolutionary games ever. Need help with ANYTHING? Send an e-mail.

A trick many already know but...Well, it just has to go up!
After getting 120 STARS, go outside the castle. Then go to the little lake area. There will be a cannon...Jump in and blast yourself to the top of the castle. You will find some 1-ups, a WING CAP, and YOSHI! Talk to YOSHI for a surprise!

Go to the second SNOW LEVEL. Make your way to the the place where the BIG SNOWMAN blows your hat off. Let him blow it off and make sure you know where it went. DON'T PICK IT UP! Now find the warps (found beneath two trees on the ground). Warp back and forth about seven times. Now go back to your hat. There are many hats! Tip toe close to the hats. When MARIO picks up a hat, move back. Now walk toward the hats until they disappear. MARIO takes off his hat and now you can slap people with it!

When you get around 20 stars, go to the basement. Look for a golden rabbit and try to catch him. Try running at him, then dive. He will give you a star. He also appears after you get 50 stars.

Go to the door on the far right of the balcony. Enter and then jump through a window. It has the PEACH on it. You now have reached: THE SECRET SLIDE! Get through it under 21 seconds for a star. First, you should be pushing the control UP the whole time. Try to stay near the center of the course; avoiding all walls...

Drain the moat. Go in and look up for the bridge. There should be two coins. Get them and a 1-UP will appear. I suggest using a wall jump to get the coins, but maybe (I haven't tried it) you can try a triple jump...

After you have 120 stars and have talked to Yoshi, go into Course 4. Select the star that says "Big Penguin Race". Go into the chimney and talk to the penguin. It seems he has put on a little weight from not racing. You can still race him, but it is harder because he is almost as big as the slide. This is one of the more humorous things you can do after collecting 120 stars!

Want someone else to wear your hat besides you? This is another cool trick you can do with your hat! Go to Course 10. Go to the top of the snowman and let him blow you off. Don't get your hat! Now beat the course WITHOUT your hat. Save the game and then turn it off. Now turn the game back on and re-enter Course 10. Go towards the giant snowman right from where you start. The snowman closest to the big one should be wearing Mario's hat! Just defeat him by circling him to get your hat back.


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