No else to fight against? Then go to the 8 player Tournament mode. Play through it, and after you finish, you get to "Choose your destiny." First, it says who won the tournament. Then it brings you to "Shao Khan's secret treasures". You pick a symbol and you will fight hidden characters or even see the fatalities.

Rayden fatality # 1: Stand close and hold B for 5 seconds.

Rayden fatality # 2: Hold high kick for 5 seconds when close.

Nightwolf fatality # 1: Stand in middle of screen and press back, back, down, B.

Nightwolf pit fatality: Stand close and press Down-C, Down-C, R.

For level select: Press up and start on Sonya at the character select screen.

For change in plans: Press up and start or down and start on Kano at the character select screen.

The Pit: In the pit level, when you hear or see "Toasty" appear, press start and Z.


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