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Mix a fairly large cup of Diet Pepsi with a splash of Fruitworks Fruit Punch and you've got yourself that nasty "cherry" cough syrup flavor.  Enjoy!

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Woohoo, there's a page dedicated (kind of) to the lovely Simpsons TV show...I'll be moving quotes here and occasional other stuffs or something like that soon...

I love the first 5 minutes of the Tritones because they have little to nothing to do with the overall plot yet what happens in the beginning is usually responsible for the rest of the story...


1)  Maggie swallows a magazine (Time) and Marge takes her to the hospital.

2)  With Marge away, Homer, Bart and Lisa must do grocery shopping.

3)  Homer, being Homer, is rude to the bag boy (had him bag the groceries by color, when product was first created, etc...).

4)  Bag boys, annoyed by constant rudeness, go on strike.

5)  While on strike, bag boys prevent people from buying food.  No food in the Simpson's household.

6)  Santa's Little Helper sniffs his way to the attic in search of food; finds Homer's old lunchbox.

7)  Lunchbox has a box of animal crackers in them.  Homer finds golden giraffe in animal crackers.

8)  Gold giraffe means he won a trip to Africa.

10)  The Simpsons are going to Africa!