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Mix a fairly large cup of Diet Pepsi with a splash of Fruitworks Fruit Punch and you've got yourself that nasty "cherry" cough syrup flavor.  Enjoy!

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In honor of the time-tested tradition of personal web sites, I, too, have decided to place a... few... of... my favorite things (press shift and click to listen)!  For when those dogs bite (and they will) and when those bees sting, I can simply remember my favorite things and THEN I don't feel so bad until the doctor tells me I have rabies. 

I'll probably add "Least Favorite Whatevers" here sometime, or just make another page for it, but anyway... Here you go, enjoy...(Updated July 18, 2003)

Color:  Dark green

Songs:  Comfortable, My Stupid Mouth and Why Georgia (John Mayer), Disease and 3 AM (Matchbox Twenty)

Disney Songs:  A Whole New World, God Help the Outcasts, Reflection, I'll Make a Man Out of You

Singers:  John Mayer, Michelle Branch

Bands:  Coldplay, Matchbox Twenty

Musical Note:  B Flat

Food:  Filet Mignon, medium-well

Fruit:  Mangos... and Pineapples...

Soda:  Cherry Coke

Spice:  Cayenne pepper and fennel seed

Spice Girl:  Posh Spice

TV Shows:  Iron Chef, SportsCenter, Family Guy, 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, Survivor, The Tritones,  CSI, CSI: Miami, Good Eats

Iron Chef:  Morimoto

Survivor Contestant (All time): Neleh (4th Season) or Elisabeth Filarski (2nd)

SportsCenter Anchor:  Rich Eisen

Movies:  American Beauty, A Beautiful Mind, Monsters Inc., Memento, The Matrix, Shakespeare in Love, Spiderman

Actor:  Tom Hanks, Johnny (good name) Depp

Actress:  Kirsten Dunst

Cartoon Actor:  "Boo" from Monsters Inc.

Sport:  Football

Sports Teams:  Miami Hurricanes, Miami Dolphins, Orlando Magic, Florida Marlins

Sports Athlete Deserving His Own Space:  Tiger Woods

Sports Athlete Deserving Her Own Space:  Anna Kournikova

Sports Athlete Deserving Her Own Space (who has actually won something):  Tara Lipinski

Oh Isn't She a Cutie:  Sasha Cohen

Sports Commentator (non-athlete):  John Madden, Keith Jackson

Sports Commentator (former athlete):  Phil Simms (or maybe it's Boomer Esiason... can't remember)